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Hela Clothing teams up with Microsoft

Harsha Guneratne, Managing Director, Hela Clothing and Thilina Samarasinghe, Group Head, IT, Hela Clothing
Harsha Guneratne, Managing Director, Hela Clothing and Thilina Samarasinghe, Group Head, IT, Hela Clothing

Hela Clothing, an apparel manufacturer, has partnered with Microsoft to revitalize the apparel industry.

As the shift to a more digitally enhanced manufacturing eraaccelerates, the opportunity to deliver long-term digital solutions and insights has accelerated Hela Clothing’s ambition for modern, secure and efficient solutions such as Microsoft’s Office365 and Hyper-V platforms.

“Businesses that embrace digital transformation generate materially more operating income each year than those which do not,” said Managing Director for Microsoft Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Brian Kealey.

“And with Sri Lankan companies faced with evolving customer and employee expectations, it’s increasingly challenging to be productive without a comprehensive, board level digital transformation plan,” he said.

Group Head of IT of Hela Clothing, Thilina Samarasinghe said, “Focusing on digital transformation with Microsoft’s secure and comprehensive cloud enabled platforms has played a crucial role to our success.”

“Now that Microsoft has reduced our capex on server hardware and increased real-time communication, productivity at Hela Clothing is at an all-time high. With Microsoft, we will remain committed to innovating and accelerating insightful intelligence across the apparel sector,” he said.

The partnership with Microsoft has allowed Hela Clothing to choose Office 365 as its preferred means of collaborating and communicating in the workforce.

The platform is described as comprehensive and congruent; designed only to drive up productivity, with features that include: email, social networking, team chat services, instant messaging, personal cloud file sharing, shared document workspaces and an enterprise portal. 


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