LB Finance offers 15 percent for 15 - month FDs for senior citizens

LB Finance PLC has been a solid and a trustworthy contender and a leader in Sri Lanka’s financial arena for the past 45 years. Continuing the proud tradition of offering attractive benefits to its customer base, the Company has taken the initiative to add value to investments of senior citizens.

In line with its visionary financial investment culture, LB Finance introduced a high interest rate of 15 percent (14.74 % A.E.R) for 15-month Fixed Deposits& 14 percent interest rate(14.49% A.E.R) for six-month Fixed Deposits of senior citizens which is a very competitive rate that LB Finance is extending towards their customers while strictly adhering to the governing NFBI rules & regulations.

“LB Finance is renowned for perceptive responses to customer needs. This initiative to add value to investments of senior citizens is yet another part of our continuous efforts to assist our customers grow by being a trusted beacon of financial guidance in their lives,” Marlon Perera, Deputy General Manager-Fixed Deposits at L B FINANCE PLC.

Established in 1971, LB Finance has become a trusted and a much respectedfinancial company in Sri Lanka with a deposit base of over 50 billion.


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