Luxury Vehicles - For Sale

Benz E200 2004 FZ Manual fully loaded full option leather Teak interior alloy wheel in excellent condition. Rs. 4.15 M used by Company MD. Tel. 0779047788.

Finance & Leasing Services - Vehicles

Lowest monthly interest (1.08%) 0777970049 (leasing/​finance) monthly leasing premium for 5 years from 2099/​- onwards. Up to 90% of market value for any vehicle registered or unregistered for a maximum of 6 years (leasing/​finance). For speed draft premium 1600/​- for one lakh. Interest reduced by 100% for lump-sum payments. Central Bank approved. Islandwide branches. 0777970049.

Cars For Sale

Peugeot 306 2010 Black 1600cc Triptronic Full Option, Price Negotiable. Lawyer used. Tel: 072-2847553.

Nissan Cars for sale

Nissan Blue Bird,​ 1994,​ Petrol,​ full option,​ 165xxx km,​ FZ 9xxx,​ 1.5 K. 0712801808.

Honda Cars For Sale

Hyundai Eon 1st owner red passion registration 15/​12/​2015,​ 814CC petrol origin India. Contact 0763323332,​ 0773013025. Price - 2.2 mm.

Vans For Sale

Sale of Vehicle. Inspection 8/1, Rheinland Place, Colombo-03. Mon-Sat. Am-Pm Hrs. Make Toyota Town Ace 1998, Dual Air Con, Alloy Wheel in Super Condition.

Toyota Town Ace 252-xxxx,​ CR 27,​ High Roof van for sale. Price 21 lakhs. Tel: 011 2763911,​ 072 9871055.

Jeeps & Pickups For Sale

Willys CJ7 Jeep 1980 4WD P/​S A/​C good mechanical condition,​ original engine some rust on hard top. Rs. 900,​000/​=. 0773504340,​ 0777779406.


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