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Harnessing the power of technology

Serendib Educational Foundation (SEF) celebrating their 26th year held the Annual Awards Event on August 6 at the Tourist Board Auditorium. This year’s theme, ‘The Digital Future’ aimed at increasing learning outcomes with technology.

The chief guest was Fouzul Hameed, Chairman Board of Governors Zahira College Colombo and the Guest of Honour was Prof Kemal Deen, Consultant Surgeon.

‘We live in an age where technology drives innovation in all aspects of our lives, none more so than in the education of our future generation. That is why we have dedicated this year’s event to build awareness on the revolution of Digital Education,’ said a spokesperson from Serendib Educational Foundation.

The event focussed on the penetration of digital technology into mainstream education.The highlight of the event was a panel discussion with experienced professionals from the IT and Digital field, moderated by the chief guest Fouzul Hameed. An interactive discussion took place covering topics that included : the adoption of technology in schools and universities ; using technology for interactive learning and the impact of new devices such as, Tablet PCs, Virtual Reality and 3D Printers.

In these exciting times it is important to harness the power of technology to improve learning outcomes. It is important to note that at 17.3% Asia has the highest growth rate for e-learning and the bright young students of Sri Lanka are part of this explosive growth.

SEF is focused on offering monthly assistance to talented students, project based support to educational institutions and any other activity that facilitates education. Their vision is to see that the future generation of scholars reache their highest potentials in the acquisition of knowledge.

Since 1991 the Serendib Educational Foundation has offered scholarships to 3,000 students throughout the country.

As SEF celebrates its 26th year it aims to further contribute by providing an equal opportunity to underprivileged students.

The SEF Pathways Scholarship program is one of the many services provided by SEF and reached a high level in 2017. The program involved the Principal and the School administration, selecting talented and deserving students in their A/Ls.

Ten schools in the Colombo and Kandy areas were selected. Working closely with the Principals of these ten schools, SEF members had regular meetings with the students and their teachers to assist and provide guidance to these groups of young people.