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My favourite person

“To My Teacher

with Love

Thank you, Skillful teacher

For teaching me to be

A stronger, smart person


My favourite teacher is my English teacher Mr. Warusapperuma. He is a very kind and respected member of the local community. Mr. Warusapperuma was educated at Rahula College, Alawwa. His favourite subject in school was English Literature. He was also famous and known as a gentleman in our school, Humbuluwewa Central College. Warusapperuma is helpful to everybody in our school. He is a very honest and clever English teacher. He always speaks kindly to the students. He is an intelligent man. He lives in Giriulla. He advises us to be good. He speaks English and Sinhala well. He comes to school on a bicycle. He is an avid reader and an interesting story teller. He helps me to brush up my English knowledge. He gives me newspapers, English books and short story books to read. I wish him all the best!


Thiwanka Thathsarani,

Grade 10,

Humbuluwa Central College,