Kohli recalls first selection call-up made him tremble | Sunday Observer

Kohli recalls first selection call-up made him tremble

Indian superstar Virat Kohli has recalled that he could not believe his eyes and ears when he received a call from the Indian Selectors that he was made part of the national squad at a time he had an anxious wait.

Kohli told the Times of India that he thought some mischief maker had tried a prank on him when a television channel reported he was in the team.

“I clearly remember sitting with my mom and watching the news on the day of the selection meeting. My name just flashed on the TV but I thought they might just be spreading a rumour. Five minutes later, I got a call from the Board. I got goose-bumps. I was shaking”, said Kohli.

The Indian captain said he also felt nervous being in the company of several Indian players who he said were “great”.

“I clearly remember walking into the team meeting. I was asked to give a speech in the team room. It was nerve-wracking for me with so many great Indian players there.

They were looking at me, which we now do to younger guys to intimidate them, make them nervous. These are my first memories”, Kohli said in the interview.