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Village girl now turns heads in America

Dilrukshi Arachchige being declared the winner
Dilrukshi Arachchige being declared the winner

Dilrukshi Arachchige, a Sri Lankan bodybuilder who currently lives in the United States of America won the overall women’s title at a recently concluded event called the Olympian Lee Banks Natural Championships in Florida.

She secured the first place in the over-35 age category at the championship that promotes healthy lifestyle and natural bodybuilding.

In sharing her victory bliss with the Sunday Observer, Dilrukshi declared it was simply amazing to stand on the podium.

“It was a most unforgettable moment of my fitness journey and I couldn’t believe it”, said Dilrukshi. “I was honored to stand on stage with so many beautiful women bodybuilders. I have respect and love for all the athletes who stood on stage. I know how hard it is to bring your body to this level naturally. It’s hundred percent hard work and no short cuts. I am thankful for this award from the bottom of my heart”.

The 37-year old Dilrukshi had also bagged bodybuilding titles before in the USA after leaving her village in Gampaha where she studied at a little known school called Sri Siddhartha Kumara MV before moving to the USA.

Dilrukshi contested several shows in Florida last year as well as competing in an event called IFBB Pro League Ireland to take the second slot. She also has a brother who is a fitness trainer.

But Dilrukshi rues that most women in Sri Lanka think that bodybuilding is a muscular display meant only for men and that it can only make a woman look like a man if they take to it. She contends that a woman who wants to be a woman will always be like one irrespective of what she chooses to do with her life.

“In Sri Lanka women think that working out this way can make them look like a man. This is not true”, declared Dilrukshi. “To be successful in anything you have to work hard and be dedicated to your goals in life. I would love to be involved in body building in Sri Lanka and I am representing Sri Lanka right now”, said Dilrukshi.

She is someone true to her word and is the kind of model that most women who are in need of one can follow.

“My biggest challenge is to manage my time. I have a full time job, a four-year old son and a household to take care of. I sleep may be four hours a day”, she revealed.

Dilrukshi prides on the fact that she is an “all natural woman” who has no drugs in her system and it may not be a surprise as she competes in a country that follows strict anti-oping regulations. She bagged an award for it this year.By profession Dilrukshi is a software developer and is also contemplating a switch in her job career.

“Someday I want to come to Sri Lanka and be an inspiration for all Sri Lankan women and help them to understand what bodybuilding is and its healthy lifestyle and how to get on with it”, she promised.

Given the current trend in Sri Lanka where many women patronize gyms for work-outs, Dilrukshi will not be short of followers.