CLC launches islandwide school tree-planting program | Sunday Observer

CLC launches islandwide school tree-planting program

Commercial Leasing and Finance PLC (CLC) has made a timely initiative under the title ‘CLC Green – To earn sustainable profit’. As a member of the LOLC group, CLC Green’s initiative is in accordance with the wide-reaching sustainability campaign headed by LOLC’s own Sustainability Committee.

With the aim of conserving Sri Lanka’s biodiversity and enhancing the natural eco-system, this new initiative will also go some way in raising the living standards of the island’s inhabitants across the country.

Under the first phase, 60-100 schools in all 25 districts also taking part in CLC’s green initiative. which will see the plantation of over 3000 trees, schools will be identified and presented with trees to be erected in their premises. One aspect of the project is that each CLC branch will be incorporated under a branch-by-branch program, as each school identified will be within a two-kilometre radius of a Commercial Leasing and Finance Branch.

Manager, Marketing Communication, Prasad Perera explained how this program differs from the hordes of other reforestation schemes: The aim of our project is not to grab headlines and wash our hands off after our trees are planted. Instead we want to encourage our youth to cultivate and to nurture the environment around us. We also want to nourish the attitudes and intentions of the younger generations towards tree plantations.

The second phase of the project will involve the recognition of those who have contributed positively to the growth of their trees, as well as recognising good maintenance habits in collaboration with the school, and their appointed monitors.

The initiative commenced with the planting of over 100 trees at Royal College, Polonnaruwa.