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Synopsys support for Moratuwa Uni initiative

Synopsys, Inc. has sponsored a unique student exhibition, ‘Expose 2019’, which focuses on serving humanity through electronics. The exhibition is organized by the University of Moratuwa, one of the leading technological universities in Sri Lanka, and serves as a platform to bring together the electronic and telecommunication engineering community, industry, and academia of Sri Lanka.

This year, the exhibition kicked off a series of events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the University’s Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering and highlighted student projects that demonstrated knowledge and skills in solving real-world challenges.

“The University of Moratuwa works with leading organizations worldwide,” said Dr. Nuwan Dayananda, Head of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering.

The exhibition aims at exposing the talents and expertise of university students and raising awareness about the importance of strengthening ties between academia, industry, and government, to develop the local market.

The exhibition also promotes engineering among the youth culture, providing high school students an opportunity to present at the event on new trends in electronics.

“This exhibition enables students to obtain significant industry insights and valuable exposure to next-generation electronics and innovative technologies, promoting a knowledge-based society in Sri Lanka,” said Farazy Fahmy, R&D Director of Synopsys Sri Lanka.

“As the sole EDA company in Sri Lanka, our mission is building competency in IC design and verification technologies to enable the development of the semiconductor ecosystem in the country,” said Dr. Pradip K. Dutta, Group Vice President and Managing Director of Synopsys South Asia.