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Vertical farming factory to be set up in Koggala

An artist’s impression of  vertical farming
An artist’s impression of vertical farming

Intifarm (Pvt) Ltd signed an agreement with the Board of Investment (BOI) recently for a fully automated vertical factory farm, the first BOI venture of such stature in the country and the largest in the region.

The investment will produce leafy greens and herbs which are in high demand for an international culinary experience. The new factory in the Koggala EPZ will cover an area of over 150,000 square foot of vertical space. Preliminary construction work on the farm is under way to commence operations by next month. Intifarm (Pvt) Ltd, Director, Malinda Bombuwela told the Business Observer that lack of constant supply of greens and herbs is a major setback to up-skill and up-scale the culinary experience for a high-end traveller in the region. Technology will address the barriers, such as adverse climate conditions, external risks, such as crop related diseases.

The advanced hydroponic technology in the facility will meet challenges of land and labour, compared to traditional cultivation due to its multi-storeyed production methodology, in a conditioned environment. It will produce pesticide residue-free produce with high-degree of sanitation.

The produce will meet the demand of the mega-cities in the region, such as Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai.

The project will employee graduates in the fields of agriculture, engineering and IT. Bombuwela said the company will use the technological infrastructure in the country enabling firms to diversify into knowledge sector services. Artificial Intelligence and infrastructure will be developed in partnership with AI Grow, a group company of Codegen international. Peradeniya University Senior Professor in Crop Science Palitha Weerakkody is the project advisor.

Intifarm will invest in physical infrastructure and knowledge in partnerships with commercial entities and academic institutions in Europe and the USA to develop areas, such as nutrients, lighting technology, vision and consumer safety. The new company is a joint venture of Screenline (Pvt) Limited, a provider of embellishment services for reputed global brands with a manufacturing footprint in Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. 



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