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When the Royal family cry

The British royal family is known for its cool, calm exterior and traditional stiff upper lip. And in general, they're a family with a lot to celebrate. Normally the focus is on all the happy occasions, but there are of course, as in all of our lives, more trying times. Here are a few touching moments when the favourite royals showed they're just like the rest of us, during moments when their emotions overwhelmed them.

When the Duchess of Cambridge attended a launch for East Anglia Children's Hospices charity in November 2014, she was seen welling up as she drove away from the engagement. Kate, who was four months pregnant with Princess Charlotte, had spoken to one attendee, Leigh Smith. The pair had corresponded after Leigh sadly lost her three-month-old baby, Beatrice from a rare heart condition.

Kate replied her letter and sought Leigh out during the event. Physiotherapist Leigh said: "Kate gave me a hug just before she left. I was getting quite teary-eyed, she had tears in her eyes and she just said to me, 'you’re a very brave lady' and again, I'm just so, so sorry."

Some 22 years earlier, Princess Diana found herself in a similar situation when she visited Ashworth Hospice in Liverpool. The People's Princess, who was known for her incredible empathy, burst into tears as she left the emotional engagement.

Prince Charles' wife Camilla welled up during a visit to the Safelives Centre in London in January 2016. The Duchess spoke to victims of domestic abuse and heard from Diana Parkes, whose daughter Joanna Brown was murdered by husband Robert.

Remembrance Sunday is always a poignant event in the royal calendar, and in 2002, the Queen was overcome with emotion as she visited the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey.