Pelwatte receives Rs. 463 million SAPP facility for dairy farming | Sunday Observer

Pelwatte receives Rs. 463 million SAPP facility for dairy farming

21 February, 2021

Pelwatte Dairy  has secured Rs. 463 million from the SAPP (Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships Program). Pelwatte Industries plans to catalyse and distribute it among 1,000 dairy farmers in the next six months as its first phase.

SAPP is a program implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture that aims to facilitate rural smallholder farmers with a focus on ‘Public–Private–Producer Partnership’ in terms of building commercial partnerships, in providing access to finance, improving technical know-how and financial literacy while focusing on assisting farmers to improve their technology.

The project facility revolves around a 4P Value Chain model that brings the public sector, rural smallholder farmers and private sector companies to a common platform. Deputy General Manager Susantha Malwatte said, “We currently have a registered dairy farmer base of over 12,500, with over 40 milk collecting centres encompassing the Uva, Central, Eastern, North Central and North Western Provinces, we hoard over 100,000 litres a day collectively. I believe that our engagement with SAPP will support the economic and social upliftment. As our first phase, we hope to SAPP to support 1,000 dairy farmers in six months.” The 1,000 beneficiary farmers will be able to produce over 45,000 litres of milk a day after the third year of the intervention.

This will bring in the farmers at least Rs. 130,000 per month.  While also developing 10 commercial fodder growers to support project beneficiaries by the first year of intervention, a company spokesman said.