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My Grandpa

21 February, 2021

I would like to say I meet so many people but one person is very special. He is my grandpa and now I would like to say about his lifestyle. My grandpa’s name is Dassanayaka and he is a farmer. He is very active.He gets up early in the morning.His favourite food is coconut sambol. In the evening he comes home and relates interesting stories. He can relate stories very well. We ove to hear these imaginary stories. He has very long whiskers. I can compare these whiskers to cotton wool. We lived very happily. Suddenly, my grandpa died. So, now he is no more but he lives in my heart forever. I will love my grandpa forever.



Rashmi Prabhashi Athukorala

Grade 9

WP/Gm Ranpokunugama MV