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On a ship for 216 hours!

21 February, 2021

I was sleeping that night and someone took me from the bed. I woke up. I saw that the time was 3 a.m. I only woke up for two or three seconds and I slept again. When I woke up fully I realised I was in my father’s car and my family was there too!. I asked my mom where we are going. My mom replied we are going to a ship!.I was so excited to go. It was a long journey and it took us one nearly two hours.

When we arrived at the ship it was a huge one. It was bigger than my family house. I think that it weighed 40,000 tons! We went aboard the ship and it was like the Titanic but the walls were painted so well it looked beautiful. Some people came very late. Two or five people left. A sailor on the ship gave us some medicine. I thought why are they giving medicine? I asked my dad and he told me it was because we might get sea sick. I got so scared.

I was very excited and scared. When we had gone half a nautical mile everyone except I was vomiting. Even my family was sea sick! But then everyone stopped because they got used to the ships’s motion. My friend’s mother’s phone fell into the water. And it sank. My friend’s mom was so sad. Then we gave a happy and funny book to cheer her up. And it worked. After five hours when we turned the ship the steering wheel broke. We were sailing for hours. Till then my friends and I were playing. We were playing, rock, paper, scissor, shoot and we were debating. I lost on debating.

Then it became so boring. We opened the window and saw dolphins and sharks. It was one day later. I woke up that morning. We ate cake and waffles. It was so tasty. We went to the pool. I swam and swam. It was 7.45 a.m. when we stopped swimming. We had lunch. We went to the play area and played chess and snakes and ladders.

Again, I lost at chess. We had dinner and went to bed. The next day I woke up and I asked the sailor how many miles are there now? The sailor replied about 34,000 miles. I got so angry that I pushed the sailor into the water. It was so easy I fixed the steering wheel and I steered the ship. in the ship the GPS location was still there. I found the place where there was land. I went so fast but the ship was too slow.

The full speed was 20mph because the engine wasn’t working properly, I could even run faster. Ah! I remembered I had powers to control the past and the future. I touched the steering wheel and boom-boom-boom!!!, it went. Then the sailor was there again. The next day was so much of fun. We saw helicopters surrounding us and we were waving. Then I told my friends get your moms! Why??? Just get them! They got their moms I said look at the helicopter is that the 911 or rescuers and the moms replied it’s both! They cried.

The helicopter came down but only 50 people could go in the helicopter. I went in the helicopter too. It took us five days to go home. We came home. When I woke up I realised everything was a dream! When my father suggested we should go on a a ship I said “NO …. !!!!

Ayod Indira Dolamulla


Lyceum International School Wattala