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True friends

21 February, 2021

Once there was a huge forest. Many animals lived in the forest. The forest was full of beautiful, flowering plants. A bird lived in this forest. It liked to sing and help other animals. The bird’s name was Mary.

She liked to eat worms. Every other animal in the forest liked Mary because of her kindness. She had two friends named Tom and Bala.

These three friends were very happy when helping others. One day, when mary was singing two hunters caught her and put her in a cage. These two hunters thought of selling Mary.

They took the bird and went to the city. Tom and Bala went behind them and saved Mary.

The three birds went to the forest safely but the two hunters were very sad and went home unhappily.

This essay shows us that true friends do not leave us in sad moments but that instead of leaving they help us at these moments.


Havindu Nimodh Batugedara

Grade 8 A

Lyceum International School, Ratnapura