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What’s my pet cat thinking about today?

21 February, 2021

I am sure that my pet cat Kitiken has a lot of things on her mind, but I wonder what they are?

Sometimes I can read her mind by the expression on her face. like when our pet kitten Ninja annoys her, she gives him a stare as if she’s saying: “Stay away from me... or else!” Or when I pet her she purrs and closes her eyes as if she is saying: “Ooooh that’s good! A little to the left please.”

I also know what she is thinking depending on her routine.

7 am to 12 noon – Roll around in the garden with quick trips to the kitchen to beg for food: “Sunlight!” “Food!”

12 noon to 5.30 pm – Sleep and dream – whiskers and paws twitching: "Catch that rat!"

5.30 pm to 8 pm – See what the family is up to and spend some quality time with them. If what they are doing is boring go back to sleep.

Just now my sister entered the room with a nice -smelling fish pastry. Ah ha! I think I know what Kitiken is thinking about now. “Mmmmm.... It’s food time!”


By Heili Rambukwella

Grade 7

Methodist College,

Colombo 3