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Ceylon Green Produce launches fuel booster

28 February, 2021
The Ceylon Green Produce team
The Ceylon Green Produce team

Ceylon Green Produce (Pvt) Ltd has launched ‘Eco Tablets’ an organic product made using nanotechnology to improve the quality of the fuel used in vehicles.

Available in two versions, ‘Eco Racing’, for petrol vehicles and ‘Eco Diesel’, for diesel vehicles, this fuel booster enhances the engine’s performance and the efficiency from total fuel combustion. ‘Eco Tablets’ doubles the engines lifespan while cleansing spark plugs, combustion chambers and the fuel tank.

It saves fuel from 20% to 50%. Eco Racing boosts oc tane value from 5 to 10 in petrol while Eco Diesel increases cetane value of diesel from 2 to 5. Using ‘Eco Tablets’ regularly improves fuel combustion, efficiency and engine’s performance.

It also reduces the emission of Carbon Monoxide (CO)  by 100% and Sulphur dioxide SO2 up to 99%, a company spokesman said. ‘Eco Tablets’ has been certified as an eco-friendly product by the Central Environment Authority.

International racing champ Dilantha Malagamuwa has teamed up with ‘Eco Tablets’ as the Brand Ambassador to promote the concept of “Environmentally protected Sri Lanka”.  A large number of senior mechanical engineers have recommended ‘Eco Tablets’ as a real fuel booster with multiple benefits to the users.