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Comment-driven creations on the make: Video Katha, part of Sampath’s life

He belongs to the first generation of Sri Lankan YouTubers and the first to start a YouTube channel which discusses science. Based in the U.S, Sampath Mudalige is a Software Engineer by profession. He is the story teller behind the channel, Video Katha. This week we thought of bringing you the story of how the channel, Video Katha was born.

Sampath explained why he wanted to start a YouTube channel: “I always wanted to share my knowledge with like minded people.

I am curious about things, so I read about them and that is how I gain knowledge. When I started my channel, Video Katha there was no other content creator in Sri Lankan YouTube who discusses science. Therefore, I wanted to make a difference and start a channel to share my knowledge.”

He says, there are only limited resources available with regard to science education in Sri Lanka; especially, in Sinhala language. So, with his channel what he aims is, use this free social media platform wisely, to reach out to the people seeking answers to their questions.

Sampath says, when making a video he takes into account the responses he got for the earlier video.

‘I have featured several video series in Video Katha, such as, Cosmos, Einstein’s Relativity, Quantum Mechanic, UFOs, Are we alone in the Universe? The responses, comments and messages from viewers, always drive the shape of the next videos.’

Further, he says, since the day he started to make videos he has learnt a lot and has ‘professionally matured’ over the years.

View count

‘With time I realized that it would be great to share my knowledge with others if I can translate some of my knowledge and experiences into something useful and easily digestible to those who need them in the Sri Lankan society. In this backdrop, the idea of “Video Katha” was conceived in my mind. I still go in the same direction without diverting the main idea.’

Sampath believes, videos with good content still get less attention from viewers.

According to him, more logically challenging and innovative ideas are not appreciated and therefore, do not get the place they deserve. “I am not after the view count, therefore, the numbers do not worry me.

If I was interested in numbers, I would have started a comedy channel instead.”

Explaining how much tiresome and time consuming the preparation were, before making a video, Sampath says, he first reads on the topic then researches, followed by simplifying, translating, writing, presenting, editing and finally, posting the video. ‘It’s a time consuming process. From the idea in my brain to the final outcome of the video, there are several steps.’

If you are a fan of the YouTube channel, Video Katha, you would probably know that videos created by Sampath are informative. He says, he always wanted his videos to be that way as his aim is to educate his viewers and share knowledge.


Talking about the response received when he first started and now,he says,

“The response has always been great.

When I started Video Katha five years back, there was no concept of science story tellers in Sri Lanka. I see more and more people getting around my channel compared to what I had five years ago. So, I feel great about what I do and the responses from my viewers.”

Of all the videos he has done, Sampath says, the video in which he revealed a magic act done by Criss Angel of Ripping Bodies Apart, went viral.

He prefers to do videos that give him an opportunity to learn something new since he is very keen on knowing about things he is interested in.

Message to fellow YouTubers

Reiterating the fact that the decision he took to start a YouTube channel as one of the best things he has done in his life, Sampath says, “Video Katha is part of my life now. Creating a new video every week is in my to-do list. I am enjoying what I am doing, because I know someone out there is waiting to see my next video. It is such a great feeling”.

To fellow YouTubers and those who wish to become one, Sampath says, “People are inherently curious, especially, the new generation.

This curiosity, naturally makes them want to explore their surroundings, which moulds them into becoming whatever they aspire to be; it may be an astronaut, a scientist or an artist.

We, as learned adults ought to have the social responsibility to pass on our hard-earned knowledge to the next generation in whatever way possible.

With this feeling in mind, I would appreciate if you could spend some time sharing your valuable knowledge freely, using some of the social media platforms. Collectively, we could make a difference.”